Indonesia’s First Female Clerics Congress to Feature International Speakers

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Students walk to Kebon Jambu Al-Islamy Islamic boarding school in Cirebon, West Java, on Tuesday. The school is hosting a three-day national congress in which hundreds of female clerics from across the country discuss the challenges faced by Indonesian women. (JP/Nurul Fitri Ramadhani)

Afghan Ambassador to Indonesia Roya Rahmani will share her experience on “engaging female ulema [Muslim scholar] in promoting women’s rights and peace,” while Kenyan speaker Ulfat H. Masibo of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims will speak on “strengthening community resilience” and “engaging women ulema in responding to ISIS [the Islamic State].”  

Pakistani Bushra Qadeem will share his experience on challenging religious extremism at the community level. Nigerian Rafatu Abdul Hamid will talk about the fate of hundreds of girls abducted by extremist group Boko Haram in his presentation on “Islamism, politics and women’s security in Nigeria.”

During the three-day congress, Indonesian female clerics will discuss and issuefatwas (an Islamic ruling) regarding crucial issues directly affecting millions of Indonesian women, such as child marriage, sexual violence and environmental damage.

In addition to clerics, academics will also address the congress, held at the Kebon Jambu Al Islamy Islamic boarding school led by noted female cleric Masriyah Amva. (Nurul Fitri Ramadhani/ary), April 25, 2017